[Thesis] Week1 – Topic & Dream review


For my thesis, I am interested in exploring interactive tangible interfaces for exhibition installations and arts.

Based on my interests and previous projects, I have been interested in creating magical and playful moments with everyday objects. [1240 leagues of Earth, MagIc: Magnet + Music, Mirages: Light Experiments] One goal of my projects is creating experiences to evoke unexpected sensory awareness. So for my thesis, I plan to integrate my interests and practical uses for tangible interaction.

I often witnessed that many digital installations have used standardized push buttons and switches in spite of various themes and materials. So I am curious how to enhance those conventional interfaces itself to be more playful and smart.

I am open to wide range of approach for design and materials. A few things in my mind now are that ‘how to create the sense of alive physical installation through interfaces and how does it feel like when people interact and touch?’, ‘Using magnets, can be produced satisfying tactile feelings to integrate tangible interfaces. ‘, or ‘If the interfaces can be programmable, can create different touch experiences or feedbacks? ‘

My research will include a design approach and hardware and application development, user testing and fabrication.


Do tangible interfaces enhance learning?  – Paul Marshall

Multimedia interaction and intelligent user interfaces: principles, methods and applications Chapter: Natural Human-computer Interaction (pp85-106)

Polymagnet  Customized magnet

Touche – Disney Research Lab

Comparing Visual and Tangible Notation for Force Images Schemas

Permanent Magnet and Electromechanical Devices  (Chapter 4: Permanent Magnet Applications) by Edward P. Furlani

Push/press/click: A smart button roundup (Introducing Flic and Bttn with IFTTT)

Magnetic Levitation Gives Computer Users Sense of Touch



How many times has the exhibition asked you to please touch and feel the installations? This fresh and unusual experience that you can have this weekend is an immersive exhibition in New York by Hayeon Hwang.

The whole exhibition is filled with full of joy, wonder, and humor. It could be proved by visitors’ smiles and happy faces from all of the ages. It was enough to change people’s thinking about exhibitions from ‘watching’ to ‘doing’.

Her study has already demonstrated several times in tech and art conferences such as CHI, TEI, and Siggraph. Her demo which she created for her thesis project had huge attention and popularity on online. And she keeps working for many interactive exhibitions and collaborating with museums and theme parks.

Also, she made this project as an open source to people who are interested in can easily apply to their projects and develop. And she had several workshops and leads an online community to enhance interactive projects.

If you want to have playful and magical experience, do not miss this opportunity in New York. The next exhibition will be continued other cities in USA, Europe, and Asia.


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