[Tangible Interaction] Lunar Lander Tangible Controller

<Arduino USB library Note>

  • Enable a 32u4 or SAMD micro based boards
  • Through the micro’s native USB port.

WARNING: When you use the Mouse.move() command, the Arduino takes
over your mouse! Make sure you have control before you use the mouse commands.

I ignored the warning and building before complete the circuit. Then… it kept sending the value from noises from the pins that I did not connect. Whenever I connected, it kept pressing keys. It was difficult to upload other sketches to change the code inside.

Keyboard.write(”) – for each character to type (it works for typing)

Keyboard.press(‘a’) – for continuous trigger (it have to comes with Keyboard.release(‘a’) )

<Lunar Lander Tangible Controller>

Lunar Lander Game webpage http://moonlander.seb.ly/ 

I was really bad at this game I thought It needed really delicate control for rotating the lander. So I wanted to feel something weight to feel the parallel. So I used a round-shaped water bottle which has really cute and good for holding with two hands. I filled with water for measuring water level. For going up, I used a soft push button. because when I tested a normal version of push buttons that have a ticking sounds are not fit for powering up or bursting.


And for the up button, I used cray for making a thumb-comfortable shape.

<Final Result>

When a user tilts to right or left. it can turn to the direction, and when pressing the red soft button trigger to go up. Even though the weight feeling is not strong enough, but I quite enjoyed water makes a little easing speed to control it. It made the game much thriller. And the soft button works very well for controlling.


But! Handling the direction is more difficult than just tapping the keyboard. because it turns too fast. I tried to put delay function but it did not seem to make it slow down. So When I almost get to the moon surface, I lost my direction and crashed…


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