[TPOS] Midterm – ShadowMaster v1

I am going to create a shadow world that only shadows can be seen but all objects are invisible. I hope to use Kinect later to get user’s movement and to identify with the shadow characters. The light will move or interact with users.

There is each 3 scene which has a different story. The first scene was inspired by Allegory of the cave by Plato. A user is a person who is in the cave and only can see the shadows from outside.  The Second scene is the person escape the cave and see the outside world but cannot see the objects, only can see the shadows. The last one is about the virtual spaces and variety of lights source and animating walls make different shadows. 



  • After the demo, I added the sounds for each scene. (The new version is in the project laptop in the micro-studio!)


1st Scene – Cave

2nd Scene – Nature

3rd Scene – Virtual space

Demo & Sketch 

Visible and invisible buildings

Size differences


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