[TPOS] Describe a place – The Seaside

The Seaside near the villa

Once I went to the seaside alone after late lunch. The sun was high in the sky. I walked for a while because I tried to find the easy way to go down to the seaside from the street. The seaside consisted with black volcano rocks with lots of holes and sharp surfaces.It seemed like there were any living thing except me. It was absolutely peaceful, nothing moved. But When I stepped on the rock, suddenly all insects and crabs around me moved simultaneously.

When I got to the waterside, the rocks were getting round and slippery. I took off my shoes and I walked the shallow sea. The water was warm and tickled my ankles because of weak waves. I found the round and gold sandy spot. I loved the feeling of my feet touching very fine and soft sand. The shallow of the water was like a huge mirror that reflected everything in the sky. I saw the horizon, then I saw the house. I felt like I was in the middle of this world and otherworld.

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