[COW] My Menifesto


1.Playful, Fun! 

I love playful and interesting projects with various mediums. I love touching, participating and playing with the contents. I also hope to make playful projects which can make people happy and smile! (One of the reasons that I keep working on Interactive installations is that I love to see the smiles and happy faces when they are doing my installations! )

Even though some exhibition’s concept is serious and deep, at least I would like to give delightful and pleasant feelings when they leave.

2. Hand-on, Interaction

I want to change people’s thinking about museums from ‘watching’ to ‘doing’ in the museum. I am happy to use relevant technologies to deliver the story and engagements. Also even though it is not digital contents, I want to make people can touch, write, draw, and share with others.

4.  Learn from experience, not a text 

I think ‘Text’ is necessary, but I don’t think people are coming to the museum to read something. I want to encourage them to interact and feel it from the contents directly. I also do not want to force to teach something to them with lots of text.

4. Well balanced between the delivering and experience and story. 

I often observe that some works are too leaning toward for fun or too serious research. I think I need to consider the balance between them.  And I think the power that can make a connection between them is “Story”. How can we use the story to make people have interests, or believe more?

5. Bring the experience into your life

I want to make a museum exhibits memorable and inspirational.  I cannot remember all exhibits that I visited. But apparently, there are some works are still remembered clearly and I could remind them when I need it.  I also want to make nicer documents even though finishing the exhibits, so whenever some visitors want to remind the piece again they can easily access to the database and find them and use the inspirations or information for their life.


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