[COW] Museum of Smell : Time to Meet Her

Time to Meet Her 

Installation, 2017
Incense, rice and a bowl

In Korea, we have a special ceremony called ‘Jesa’ as a memorial to the ancestors. My family normally hold this ancestral rite on the anniversary of the death of my grandmother. Before starting the rite, we open the front door a little bit to get her inside. We place an incense on rice with a bowl, and then one by one burn an incense. The meaning of the incense smell is to make ancestors come to this world from the other world.

And we bow twice, and while my head is on the floor for a few seconds I talk my grandmother. I ask after her. I ask my family to be healthy.

I smelled it whenever I talked to her, and I met her in my closed eyes. So this smell reminds of the days and the time to meet her.

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