[COW] Final – Imitation Museum Proposal

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I am interested in using and collecting data from visitors in museums and use them with machine learning algorithm to increase more engaging and playful experience.


Imitation Museum is that can allow visitors to collaborate with the past artists and other visitors.

< Scenario >

Visitors can get in the museum and choose the favorite artist and art piece. And they go into the first section, “LEARN”. They start to look at the detail of the art piece and learn why the artist drew and what technic they used (where, what, what emotion, what style etc).

And visitors move to the next section, “IMITATE”. They can use a touch screen display(Tablet), they simply change or re-sketch the original pieces based on the original piece. For example, they can change the classic house into apartments and re-paint.  After drawing them, they submit it to the machine learning program.

Lastly, in “EXHIBIT” section, visitors can see their drawings and the original piece together to compare them. Also, they can check the collaborative version with the past artist that machine learning generates. Also, there is an artwork that all visitors created.


Technical challenge 

Generally, machine learning program is very slow to get the result. And I should learn more about it, could need time to process.

Design Challenge 

The basic concept is “Collaboration”, even though I got an image that the program generates, I am not sure people can believe or feel like it is a collaboration.

In addition, I would like to encourage them some level they want to imitate, not create a completely new image. So I think I need very easy steps to draw their sketches. (Also it would be the matter of time issue. )

As I said before, the process time would be slower. So It may need an additional stage or info for hiding the time after submitting.

<What do you want people to know when they leave?> 

I hope people feel as the artist who they want to know. If I am Van Gogh, what do I want to draw? And it would be great if the visitors try to watch more detailly the artwork to recreate their own.




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