[COW] My Dream Art Exhibition : Imitation Museum

When I first went to Europe, I took a bus in Paris to go Monaco. And I realized that the trees, mountains, and architectures were really different from my country. The color of trees is more yellowish and the shapes are more curved and complicated. And I could understand why some artists used the colors, the shapes. So I was thinking If Van Gogh born in Korea and see something different trees and sunsets, and sea, maybe he chose different colors.

So I would like to plan my art museum is ‘Imitation Museum’ where people can change colors or overlayed other drawings of well-known art pieces to imitate with own preferences or experiences, and the creations from users also exhibit with the original art pieces.

So this Art show has 3 stages, ‘Learn’, ‘Imitate’, and ‘Exhibit’.

First of all, the ‘Learn’ stage is to learn about the original pieces of backgrounds and technic they used, inspirations, effects, reasons why they created etc.

I also it reminds me of “Colour of Line” in Tate Modern Museum in London.  People can learn and see what Artist’s thinking and eyes and express their perspectives

“A permanent exhibition that uses Tate Britain’s resources of JMW Turner’s work to create a didactic display. Aiming at school children and older age visitors in the same way, muf architecture/art designed interactive experiments that mimic Turner’s studio environment in the early 1800s.”

(I was very interesting the color palette of each city and countries. Each city has different roof, soil, sea, sky, mountain colors)


2nd stage is “Imitate”.  In this stage, users can create their own artwork based on their thinking and experiences. They get has the same object from the famous art piece, but they can add their hand drawings, college or change colors, positions, sizes etc. They can draw on the touch screen or Ipad application and they can submit to exhibit next to the original pieces.

I was inspired by interactive Tiffany lamp installation in New York history of museums that people can change the colors of the lamp and build their own Tiffany lamp.

New-York Historical Design A Lamp from Small Design Firm on Vimeo.

And also Coloring books.

And the 3rd stage is “Exhibit”.  Many users cannot have a chance to exhibit their artwork on the wall in a gallery. I would like to give the experience to visitors and compare with the original artwork and other people’s works.

Furthermore, I hope to use the drawing data from people and original one to generate a new art piece. It may use machine learning algorithm or programming to combine all works and keep generating by people’s submitted drawings.



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