[COW] Diorama : Future of Farm Museum

I made a diorama for the Future of Farm. I have inspired the model for Urban farming (a.k.a Vertical farming). It is planning for producing more products and less contamination allowing to have several layers of plants and use a minimum of water. The bottom of the structure there are some water creatures which can also purify the water back.

I would like to take the concept for the museum that people can enjoy and experience themselves. I planned to make this museum more focusing the roles of the museum for community and research.

This museum has a vertical farming architecture in the center of the museum. People can buy a seed(e,g lettuce) and plant in the installation. The visitors can harvest them later when it grows or choose as donating for the community.

It has two spaces for the tasting room and research lab. People can eat the food from the main installation or urban farming. In addition, they run own research lab which can develop and have experiments for the future.

I also thought the design theme is very futuristic. So some walls used for full of touch screen and LCD screen.

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