[Museum Tour] Museum at Eldridge Street

Website –  https://www.eldridgestreet.org/

Obviously, there are many different reasons why we enjoy to visit but I can say I like to be in the huge and gorgeous architecture and feel the weight of air.

I am not familiar with Jewish culture and religious culture, so this experience was really exotic and exciting.

The museum is located in Chinatown and I could not believe there was a synagogue before I found here.  I wondered why they built in here.

The door did not open but I could find one single sign about the museum.

When I entered the entrance, they offered group tour and sole tour with a booklet. I chose the sole tour.

This is the booklet that I could read and carry all the time at the museum. It is not fancy, reusable, old and high tech at all, but actually I quite like it.  Those paper booklets have changed to Ipad or tablet pc, but sometimes it is heavier and difficult to read. (fast scrolling or skimming.)

It explains the main features and shows the images. And in the blue box, there are questions that people may be wondering.  ( My first questions were solved at the first page. “Why is there a synagogue in Chinatown?”) Founding the features was like a treasure hunt game!

I quite a bit surprised there are digital booth sections! there are 3 touch monitors with a big display. Each has different theme and story. Also, It has 2 or 3 games about the theme. but It took quite a lot time when I play the game. I thought if there are many people at the same time, it may occur some waiting problems.

Many titles were embossed with wood patterns. It was good harmony with inside wood interior.

There was a small container for tobacco and visitors can open and smell it.

These are my favorite pictures of the museum that I took.

The stair windows also have beautiful stained glass. I always love the reflection from the light. The colors were not very high saturated so they made the air and space warm and calm.

At that time, no one was there, no one was bothering me I could just hear the air conditioning sound and old wooden floor creaks. It was very peaceful and healing moment while I was sitting and looking the above scene.

And this is also my favorite part of the museum. They explain how they reconstruct here about paint, lighting, wood and stained glass. I also notice that they used the color of the sign to fit the interior of the synagogue. (low saturation colors, tone downed brown, yellow, orange colors)

Also,  there is a small Museum shop and a charity booth. But very small and it did not look like a commercial purpose.

I could not expect here a lot before I visited there.  But I was lucky I could enjoy the quiet moment alone and also very analog and old style museums gave me a comfortable feeling. Even though there are some digital installations but I like more the analog signs and booklet.

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