[NM]Final – Bokeh Light Generator Application

I made the web application for my Bokeh light lamp. I sometimes went to the bridge and looked at the riverside in Seoul city. Sometimes I could see the scene like the bokeh light effect. I wanted to make and keep the effect in my room, this was my inspiration for the light.

In Networked Media class, I planned to build an online web application to control and select colors of the each bokeh circle colors. I hope to control it via the internet with digital devices.

The user can add the photos and this app extracts main colors

<System Diagram>

Used Packages 

  • express
  • get-image-colors
  • fs (File Stream)
  • Multer
  • ejs




Final Web page for the Bokeh Light

<index page>

<Add a photo to extract the main colors>


  • server.js
  • index.ejs


Video upload soon…


I am building another design version of the light with convex lenses and 3w LEDs. And I want to make transitions or animation for the dynamic and more interesting effect to watch. I also tried to use Raspberry pi for real time. But I changed my mind, maybe it is better to use video or photos directly from smartphones. In the Networked Media Class, I wanted to learn how to communicate devices via the Internet. I am really happy that I can use Node.js and Database for my projects. I love to learn web environment but I also really enjoyed I found the way to talk my physical objects.


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