[NOC] Project Step1 –

I plan to make a small physical object with one of tree algorithm. I like watching while computer tries to find the answer by the algorithm. There are many fancy and complicated algorithm with a fast processor to get the answer quickly. Travelling Salesperson or Minimum spanning tree algorithms try to find the shortest way via all dots that we choose. I would like to combine this and old-style board game.

I have two plan to build this object.

One is with LEDs and push buttons with Arduino. All the paths are light and a user can push the dots. Then Arduino starts to find the all the possibilities to find the shortest way. A user can see the animated lights until finding the fastest path via dots. Whenever people changed the dot’s location.(push buttons or any physical trigger)



Or I am also thinking to use Ipad with p5.js. On the ipad there is a frame. A user can select the dot with conductive rubber pieces like below images.


But I think I have some problems, firstly if I use very regular spaces between dots then the results are not that interesting.(too predictable) And If I am going to make with Arduino, I should convert the code to arduino processor. I am not sure it could be a problem.



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