[L&I] 24 Hours Bokeh light with Node.js

I have a plan to make the next version of Bokeh light lamp with a web application. This web app can sort the main color of the images or video, and send the color info to the Arduino (MKR1000). I want to remind of the memories of pictures when I see this bokeh light lamp.

< Image translator >

<Color Sorting>

Sorting the background color with the average color of images.

Sorting the 4 main colors from the images with Vibrant.js library.

< System Diagram > 

  I used node.js for server programming and Websocket(npm ‘ws’).


< ITP wifi Issue >

At ITP we use ‘nyu’ wifi but for wifi communication, we need an IP address. So we need to enroll our devices to itpsandbox site.


I register my mkr1000 Arduino and a laptop to the site. After that I can connect this wifi and I can get my (static?) ip.




Still Uploading…





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