[L&I] Lighting Stores & Observation & Idea & Materials

Observation – late Morning, Exterior

About 11am in Soho, clear weather, winter

I took this picture because I could not open my eyes because of the strong sunlight.

  • strong contrast
  • clear shadows
  • blinding sunlight
  • highlight edge
  • sharp

Lighting Store – Bowery

I am interested in the various Lens and light. So I looked at some similar lights.

This was one of my favorite lights that I found here. There are many convex lenses and they can change the angle. I wonder how it makes the light effect on the wall.

Interesting light shapes.

Is it hot sink for LED? Actually, I touched the light, it was not hot.  Or for defusing?

Design product, it can turn the angle of light for the multi situations. e.g, mood light, stand light, study light.

I liked the way of decorating the wires.

Our favorite light! Ballon Light!

There are lots of Cristal lights and Chandelier with LED Light. Most of them were not my taste. They made a huge Cristal 3D sculpture with (very) colorful LED. I did not like them much, but they used a couple of layers for the crystal biz strip not to see the LEDs directly and to reflect more.

It was really huge and had an intriguing shape. But when I turned on the light this, it had a disappointing light effect.

I just saw this burnt LED strip at the shop. I wonder what happened…


  • Leslie eLab – Neon

It made this space to fill with purple light.

This light reminded me of one of my favorite project is Carlos Cruz Diez’s ‘Chromosaturation’.


Midterm Idea 

When I have the tears in my eyes (especially at night), I can see the blurred shape of light. I would like to change the blurriness of lights like camera focus.

(Out of Focus Images)


DIY Camera Obscura




I ordered a couple of different convex lens to explore with light.

  1. Fresnel Lens (Magnifying lens, Flexable)
  2. The Convex Lens (50mm focusing length 1000mm)


I was looking for any interesting objects with my smartphone flash light.

  • metal mini bells – kinetic, metal, modules

  • Glass Germs – half-transparent, colorful, defuser

Felt – warm, soft, defuser

Feather – soft, defuser


  • Florescent protect plastic case – LED strips, cheap

  • Defusing pattern plastic panel board – flexible, pattern, defuser

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