[ROY]Listening -Windows to the Uncomfortable Soul

A collaboration between Hayeon Hwang and Jenny Lim

Because the Tobii eyetracker was checked out, Hayley and Jenny (henceforth “we”) decided to make our own eyetracker. Eric Rosenthal gave us a VAlinks 6 LED USB 2.0 Webcam. We smashed the IR filter and mounted it on a baseball cap.

We used Community Core Vision and TUIO. Inspired by the Tobii, we experimented with using an infrared LED to make the pupil stand out.

This yielded interesting results, which are worth further exploration. For the moment, we decided to stick with regular camera vision for the stability.

We came up with a series of increasingly personal questions to ask each other while wearing the camera. It is interesting to see how eye movement changes as the questions become more difficult.

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