[ROY] Talking – 108bows

I was thinking how to talk to my elephant directly. I chose to do meditation, but I absolutely did not have any idea at first. I found a way of Korean Buddhist meditation that is 108bows. I heard a lot, actually, it was a kind trendy diet. I am not a religious person at all, I had to learn how to do it properly.

The meaning of ‘108’ is all anxiety of human have. So while bowing 108 times, try to remove all anxieties. But regardless of the meaning and religion, 108bows are well known for the blood circulation exercise, diet and stress relief.


I learned how to do ‘108bow’ with this video clip.

Obviously, there are many rules to do properly, (not to hurt knees or breathing etc) I just started to do it and take a video. (This video seems like a horror scene…Even I am scary to watch this)


Before doing 108bows

  • I totally lost my sleep pattern. I woke up 4am. Sleepy, daze
  • I don’t have any religion.
  • I have never exercised for 6months.
  • My eyes dried out.


  • Is it right to do like this?


  • My knees, back, and toe was painful! I thought I could not do it
  • Counting number is so distracted and confused. “I really don’t want to bow over 108times even once!!”

Around 30-40bows

  • I closed my eyes. It made me much easier to concentrate.


  • I started to got the knack of the bow to bounce.
  • It was getting easy and doing automatically.
  • I forgot some pains that I had at first.


  • I fell into a kind of trance.
  • I did not think much anything.
  • I started to be out of breath and sweat.


  • My legs moved automatically. (stand and fold repeatedly)


  • It was not difficult that I thought.
  • my legs were shaking

Finally 108bows

  • It just took less than 15min and felt like after exercising hard.
  • Even I stopped, I felt like something pulled my legs.

After 108bows 

  • I kept being out of breath and sweating for 5min.
  • My eyes are not dried out at all!
  • Refreshing, awaken, clear
  • My body became very warm, especially on the sole of my foot.


At first, I thought counting numbers was not really necessary and disturb to focus on the meditation. But I realize that because of counting numbers I cannot think anything else. In addition, doing same behaviors over and over again make my body remember doing it automatically and to reduce pains and speed-up. And after finishing it, I had several good effects changes.


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