[ROY] Sensual Illusion, Fear, and Optical illusions

When I was a child, I did not like sleeping. I woke up earlier than my parents and slept late. I was timid and had many nightmares. Although I do not dream anything and sleep well now (But not enough time to sleep), some memories of the nightmare still exist in my head. And then I sometimes flash across my mind like Dejavu. I am personally curious those memories and fears that I created. I have never deeply explored these memories before, but I hope to explore what it was and why it happened.

I also really get frightened easily when I saw something has similar silhouette or shape. For example, I screamed maybe 3times a week because I mistake small trash for a dead mouse. I mistake the water pipe of the building for a crunching human. It is silly, but I am quite stressful. At last week class, Dan talked about the illusion of eyes. I really sympathized the theory. My brain created the wrong imagination based on my previous experiences. As the Korean proverbs says,  ‘when a frightened man who saw a turtle, he is startled at a caldron lid. (English version is “A burnt child dreads the fire.“) I hope to know why it happened to me so often.


Optical illusions are always one of the favorite subjects that I love to explore and make. And  I would like to learn more about eyes and build an experimental project something like ‘Blind Spot’ code.

My goal of this class is to think about me, my memory and my psychology. I am not comfortable with expressing myself, but I think it is a perfect class I can start to explore myself. Also, I hope to know more theories about illusions and psychology that I did not know before.


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