[L&I] week 01 – Interruptible fade of a LED | Observation Candlelight

Interruptible fade of a LED



  • a push button
  • a led
  • a silver bell
  • some bubble wrap
  • 330ohm resistor
  • 10K resistor

#led #bubblewrap #cottonflower #silverbells

Hayeon Hwang(@hayeonhwang)님이 게시한 동영상님,


Candlelight Observation 

  • Starting small and short flame to long flame.
  • Without any interruption, the flame is quiet and peaceful but still moving a little.
  • Sometimes the flame makes dark and thin smoke.
  • small wind or breathing make the frame short and round.
  • Blowing out a candle is harder than I thought.
  • Flame has a quite tenacious life
  • When the frame disappeared, the candle wick burned a little bit more and fade out.


Hayeon Hwang(@hayeonhwang)님이 게시한 동영상님,

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