[XYZ] Week01 : Early Robot Ideas

1. DCBot – Drawing Circuit Board Robot

  • Verb – Draw circuits

‘DCBot’is a robot which can draw circuits with conductive ink on any flat material like paper, leather or body skin.

  • How It Will Actuate

This machine can draw circuits with a conductive ink pen. It will need a traditional X, Y, Z gantry. But There are more specialized functions for PCB making on the paper, like punching/drilling a hole or marking for folding papers along the lines.

Like successful open-source 3D printers, Let’s think about a DCBot. There are many PCB open-source data. But printing PCB process is not easy. However, if we use the ‘DCBot’, we can draw our PCB easily on any surfaces and any materials. I expect it to use more diverse situation and materials for fast prototyping. I believe that drawing part is not problems. And there are some similar projects.

I hope to focus on additional functions like drilling, marking to fold and emphasize the benefits of the structure. (like a flatbed printer; paper does not move, only the carriage moves)

changing tips are tricky at this stage.


  • Expected Result

flexible LED matrix / paper

Paper PCB board

Origami : marking to fold lines or cutting with dotted lines

origami led에 대한 이미지 검색결과

paper or films touch sensors

conductive ink에 대한 이미지 검색결과














Squink Desktop Electronic Circuit Board Printer Unveiled By BotFactory (video)

2. (Shameless) Tattoo Robot

verb – Drawing a tattoo

How It Will Actuate

This Robot can write or draw something on the skin with henna ink or body paint. The Robot will find a sentence or a word on the internet that could be related to user’s privacy, politics or comments. The software will redesign the word and images to make tattoo drawings. people can have a temporary tattoo on any part of the body.

Generally, Tattoo has to be meaningful and important because it remains forever. But this robot will give you temporary tattoo that makes you fun and daring. I would like to make this robot to find a word or sentence that related to personal social media. In contrast with real tattoos, relatively people tend to write carelessly and hardly read them again. I hope to point it out or remind their past comments or posts through this robot.

I worry about how to draw it on your body safely. And Henna paint maybe is difficult to draw precisely. Body paint or spray could be alternate solutions. In terms of Henna tattooing, pressing the henna paint tube part will be necessary.


Sebastian Morales – http://www.adorevolution.com/collaborations


Or… Circuit Tattoo on the body.

drawing a temporary circuit on the body.

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