[Museum Tour] MOMATH – National Museum of Mathematics

National Museum of Mathematics / MOMATH

Address: 11 E 26th St, New York, NY 10010


I expected to go this museum very much as I had thought there were full of interaction installations about the mathematics.

There were several self-ticket machines instead of ticket booth with staff. They seemed to try not to use paper for tickets, maps or pamphlet. I paid for $10 with student discount.


Project explanation display / Machine  

There were some these machines to explain each project concept or principle of mathematics that they would like to explain. Touch Screen / Symbole / Swipe motion

Some parents who wanted to know the reason or info about the principles of installation looked at these. But children hardly did not use it. Normally their parents read it first and explain it to their children. Then, is it for adults? or do we have to develop more for children’s interest?

Flat surface / scratch / shiny / lighting setup***

To make effect for light setup

Pattern Mesh 

I am interested in optical illusion from the variety of patterns, I quite like this. Even though putting each disk was tricky. I like this re-decoration of old film projector that I saw it when I was in elementary school, made with pink color and light table, round display on the wall like a moon.

Of course, exercising and assembling together on the table together. I saw these participatory zone a lot for children’s museum. Cheap/ engaging quite/ simple/ spending time/ doing together

The Mathenaeum – Apply a pallet of operations to transform basic shapes into unique three-dimensional sculptures

This is my favorite one and the most curious installation. Well, the contents were definitely difficult for a lot from children and adult. Interfaces were so beautiful but also very tricky to use the application.

But It was interesting that changing 3d view or angle by transparent big ball by touching it. It worked well, I hope to know how to make it. Maybe I will try to make it by myself.

Brass / transparent / wood / lever / slider / sailing

I just checked there were 3 or 4 ball casters to hold the big and heavy ball. Whenever the ball moved, the 3d object turned on screen. Worked perfectly.  I just guess that the principle is similar with old ball computer mouse. I would like to apply VR contents or other interfaces.

Big Knob/ Big buttons/ rotary encoder/ heavy/ metal


I like it, too. It is not creative but engaging a lot, the results were so wonderful. I really wanna print it on clothes.

Simple / Engaging / easy /

Touch / delay time / temperature? (I tested by my hand and with gloves. I could not operate it with gloves.)

Nixie tube / Vacuum Tube

vacuum tube number에 대한 이미지 검색결과

Kinect / fractal

Disk / DJ / rhythm /

RFID or NFC? I am not sure this shape. Recognizing each sound sculptures

Magenet / A.C Esher / pattern / shapes / pattern

Making MoMath logo generator

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