[Arduino Log] Plan & list

This is just for my logs for testing sensors and actuators with Arduino. My goal is to make each post for each component that I already have or I want to explore. It would be very simple and could be updated later more. This is my personal logs and thinking, so it can be wrong or have better solutions. (Leave a comment to me!)

I will try to make or find simple example codes and try to build the circuit. And I also want to add possible uses for future projects or find references that already is used for some projects.

List (no order)


  • leds
  • neopixels
  • small bulb
  • Servo motor
  • Stepper motor
  • DC motor
  • solenoid & electromagnet
  • speaker & buzzer
  • led Matrix ((8×8)*4)

Module & Shield

  • relay module
  • Ethernet shield
  • ESP shield (WIFI shield)
  • P5.js and Arduino serial Communication
  • Bluetooth module
  • LCD shield


  • Joystick (lent)
  • Hall Magnetic (lent)
  • tilt switch
  • potentiometer & rotary encoder
  • mic sensor
  • touch sensor
  • (analog, digital)temp & humid sensor
  • push button, Toggle switch, limit switch, LED switch
  • CDS, photoresistor sensors
  • Gyro sensor / 3axis accelerometer sensor
  • flex sensor
  • ultrasonic sensor
  • distance sensor


  • lithium battery & charging
  • multimeter
  • soldering Iron
  • conductive ink
  • analog meter


  • Arduino UNO
  • Arduino 101
  • Trinket Pro 5V






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