[ICM] Final Project Concept – Text to Voice

Text to Voice 

My final ICM project is an web application that read text like Text-to-speech with your voices. People can write anything they want to and record on the each word in real time.  Then, the app will read the sentence using people’s recorded sound files.

  • Normal Text-to-Speech  : TEXT —–> SPEECH BY COMPUTER


  • My Text-to-Voice :  TEXT —–> YOUR VOICES



I hope to people will use it fun. For example, ‘lol’ word could have user’s laughing sound.


View Presentation File (PDF)

This is one of old Viruses in DOS screen. I really like it! I want to make it like an old application with DOS screen graphic and fonts.

< Reference >

Virus.DOS.Kuku infects all EXE and COM files, and, one time out of eight, displays this lovely colorful confetti on your screen.


So I am working on the app.  (below picture)


people can write any word or sentence and go to the word that you want to record your voice. And when the word is pressed, recording start, and releasing is to finish the recording.After recording, the words will have different background


I should …

  • Save the file in my local server (laptop) and use them in real time
  • Consider more UI for recording
  • get clear voice
  • save the word sound data from people


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