[Pcomp] Final project – Play test & field trip

I grabbed some long and big cardboards and started to make my first prototype!

Firstly, I wanted to check the size and height of the screen. So I made it true size.


I also made a steering wheel and put a big push button. And I made vibration stand with some wood boards from junk.


To feel the vibration on the stand, I simply put styrofoam on the bottom of the wood panel.

img_5678 img_5679



img_5816 img_5814

And I printed a long image and rolled it. When users turned the wheel, I rolled up and down to change screen. (now the paper)


Play test from Hayeon Hwang on Vimeo.


  • Tall people said that it was okay to see the screen even though they have to bend little bit.
  • For children, I will consider to make extra bottom stand to raised them up.
  • Daniel Rozin also mentioned a peltier junction to change real temperature, and it could be interesting it is not a computer screen, with real paper thing that I did.
  • some people said it would be nice in a room, or closed space.  (maybe focusing more and sound)
  • Some wanted to see other directions or control the directions.
  • My big yellow push button is too attractive!( It is a start button to start in the ground stage. )They kept pushing it again again.


<Field Trip – Natural History Museum – Rose Center (Space and Earth)>


I thought I need to see some references on the similar subject of mine.  In Natural History museum, there are some contents about space and the earth. There are not many as other sections of exhibitions, but it was great to see how they display these contents.

I realized that…

  • there are some LEDs or some notifications to follow the storyline. (If there is any blinking LEDs, people could read or watch the contents in a mess order. )


  • there are some gaps between screen and window. (some are using curved window)

It makes clear and depth images. It was interesting people are trying to look at the inside.





  • Simple Interface for stimulating curiosity

– microscope or telescope concept


  • There are some intentional hidden contents.

-Simple Push button &  Blurred window display ( I am not sure what technique used until now… )

  • Metal & print
  • size for children

There are not many as the science museums, but It was great to see and touch them. I hope to use or develop these techniques. Next time I really want to go the science museum in Queens. 🙂




  1. Tom Igoe

    This is excellent documentation of your prototype and playtest. It’s very clear what happened, and that you were able to communicate the idea to users. The prototype looks very helpful as well. I’m eager to see how this turns out.

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