[Pcomp] Final project concept – 1240 Leagues of Earth

My final project will be a virtual earth probe to travel from the core of the earth to end of the sky layers.

If there is a special elevator or transportation to travel to the center of the earth to go up the end of the sky, how it would work and what can users see through the window?

I am very interested in interactive museum installations like in science museums  or natural history museums. Based on the fact, I hope to deliver the information about each layer.

And I imagine the space like below.


And I divided into 10 layers and summarized some characters of each layer.

(For example, In stratosphere, there is ozone layer and weather balloon can be there.)



<Installation idea sketches>

  • A screen , monitor
  • A steering wheel or valve wheel (anything can control)
  • A vibration stand (Bass shaker or linear actuators)
  • A start button (push Button)
  • Color led stripe (NeoPixels)
  • A fan


I also thought to use a projector to make a wide and big screen, but I changed my mind and have a concept like submarine doors. They have a small window and big wheel to close the metal door tight.

This transportation will travel to the inner core, it should be strong and tolerate harsh temperature! 🙂




kakaotalk_photo_2016-11-08-17-50-37_72    kakaotalk_photo_2016-11-08-17-50-42_43


Through the window,

My first and major concern is the video. At first, I want to use very cool and well-made 3d video like National Geographic documentary.  But I cannot make a 3d or realistic video.

So I changed my plan and I tried to find something that I can handle. I made some collage images with the variety of objects of representation of the layers.

( I did not finish draw yet. It is my first draft version.)



Preparing play test

Card board


kakaotalk_photo_2016-11-09-01-40-25_31 kakaotalk_photo_2016-11-09-01-40-30_59

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