[ICM] Weather API – Today than Yesterday

Well, I am really bad at guessing weather when I see or hear Celsius or Fahrenheit at first. So I always checked weather yesterday to compare to today. If I can compare the degree with yesterday’s weather, I can assume that how the weather would be. I could wear a hat or a scarf, or I did not need to wear a heavy jumper alone.

My plan is simple.

  • Get the current data.
  • Get the yesterday weather data.
  • compare two weather data and tell me how it changes.
  • Show the degree with illustrations or metaphor. Not numbers!


<Similar Weather Apps>

They show just numbers… I still get it difficult.

It did not show how much it changed. I am still not sure that “Should I wear gloves? or not that cold?”



I could not finish my work.. But I used Dark Sky API to get current and past weather. I tried to compare yesterday and today’s wearther.

I can get the icon, summary, temperature, windspeed etc from Dark Sky API. And using the word of icons, I searched Giphy API. But sometimes the image came up, or not…




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