[Intro to Fab] Kinetic Hyperboloid

When I made the Op Turntable before, I am always curious how to make two motors turned different directions. Finally, I found the answer from Dron’s wings. I bought a similar toy that has same wings with Dron’s. But I got it too late, I had to use a different motor for this project.


When I went to the Maker Faire, there are some participatory contents about mathematics. And I was curious the one installation that explains ‘Hyperboloid’. It does not move by any motor, just by a hand crank.


I wanted to make a structural shape when it turns. I had two ideas, one is a wind spinner and the other is Hyperboloid. Finally I decide to make a kinetic hyperbolic object.

img_5101 img_5102

I tested various materials such as a rubber band, a cable tie, wire, and a stick. Obviously, rubber band and some flexible materials work, but some hard sticks were not suitable. So I planned to use flexible metal sticks first, (I wanted to make it more well-structure shape), then if it won’t work, I would have to use threads with weights. I knew the rubber band would be work well, I did not want to use them to demonstrate hyperboloid shape.

img_5097 img_5094 img_5093

So next day, I bought very thin brass sticks and made a quick prototype using card boards and a laser printer.



img_5119img_5122 img_5126

I hope to make these shape forward and backward(-180 to 180), I think I need to use a servo motor or stepper motor to control the maximum degree.


As making the prototype, I love to these patterns from different cardboard and wood. I am considering use these patterns for a bottom stand part. And I hope to put a led ring inside, I would like to see the shadows according to the Hyperbolic shapes.

5 img_5147

Yes, I had to make long and turn quite a tough structure, I need to use very stable and strong mount and couplers. I bought 1 coupler and big disk wheel.  And then I made a screw hole with tap tool! it was awesome!


And I cut wood and some card board, then stained the wood.



2 1

Final Result 


8v6b0227_l  main2

The sound is interesting! that I did not expect when brass sticks move. See my final video!

Kinetic Hyperboloid from Hayeon Hwang on Vimeo.


I am going to explore more kinetic and fabrication things that I always like about, ‘Intro to Fab’ class is so great to learn what tools are, how it makes with different materials. And also I got more confidence for building and expressing my thinking or idea. I definitely enjoyed this class and I really wanted to say thank, Ben. 🙂

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