[ICM][Pcomp] Backpack (P5.js + Arduino)

Arduino & p5. js

I worked with Chloe and we tested with Analog and DigitalSerialRead.ide to communicate with p5.js

Arduino and P5js Test from Hayeon Hwang on Vimeo.


I always run to school with my backpack. So I  wanted to make an application like a game about my everyday life… So I would like to attach the sensor to my bag. Then If I can run in place, I wanted to see the moving background according to the jump action.

This is the very first sketch, I planned to add more building and illustrate more object that can move. But I could not finish them all.


I used a Digital Vibration Sensor by DFRobot, I cannot get a regular count from the Arduino program. I had to use ‘attachInterrupt’ to get the value. I could not understand fully why I had to use this function… (I also try to get digital value , 0 or 1.)


Vibration Sensor input- pin 3

Anyway, I could get the value from Arduino, and made this sketch!



ICM p5+arduino from Hayeon Hwang on Vimeo.

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