[Pcomp] Electromagnet + Arduino

I like to see the moment that leaves are falling. I would like to make the moment in a small glass jar. My first thought is using magnet to control falling leaves.

img_4825 img_4826

If I can control the strength of magnetism by Arduino, I thought I could hold the leaves and make the leaves falling slowly one by one… like fall season does.

img_4784 img_4791

So I tried to conduct some experiments with an electromagnet that I made with a nail and magnet wire. It was simple but it worked.


And I built a circuit with Arduino to control the power of the electromagnet.I used transistor and diode for the DIY magnet I made.

<With Push Button>

<Test Video> – Upload soon!

The biggest problem is that I could not make the leaves fall because they turned to magnetic. I think that is the tricky part. (e.g Curie Temperature / Demagnetizer)

But I am going to make H bridge circuit for changing the poles and try to control PWM to control voltage.
img_4779 img_4799 img_4800img_4838 img_4821img_4882

img_4906img_5002 img_5003 img_4838


** I could not use the electromagnet, I built a classic version of this project. Instead of controlling digitally, I made a hand crank to turn the magnet inside of the wood box.

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