[Intro to Fab] Magnetic Tree (METAL + WOOD)

l like fall because I like to see the moment falling colorful leaves then piling leaves. Thus I wanted to make a tree that can hold leaves and fall the leaves.


To control magnetic, I had to figure out electromagnet. I conducted some experiments and simple prototyping. Even though I cannot finish making the complicated circuit with Arduino and the DIY magnet, I hope to make the shape for this project.

I think it is not easy to control electromagnet because there are significant some conditions. The materials that I am going to use should be Ferro and magnetism, and conductive. (Aluminum, copper is not magnetism)


I make a simple electromagnet using a nail, enameled wire, 9V batteries. It worked but after disconnecting the battery, the metal leaf still had magnetism. I searched for this and it is related Curie Temperature (Experiment Video). (If I used small nickel piece and put fire at the bottom of the leaves. It would be falling.  But I want to find other ways…)



img_4799 img_4800


Before controlling electromagnet by Arduino, I probably make it with a normal standard magnet. I made a quick prototyping with wire.

I hope to make a metal tree like below style and shape. I need to know more how to solder metal piece.

img_4811 img_4813 img_4816

I planned to use steel wire to make above tree shapes. So I bought steel wires and cut them with a metal saw. I tried to make metal trees but I did not know I could not use any welding tools in the shop.

img_4878 img_4880

after Ben’s meeting, I decided to use bending nails. I realized that I did not need to explain too many for the project. Even though it is a just nail with metal leaves, people can guess it is a tree. It was awesome to change my design thinking. And It is valuable lesson. Also, nails and leaves are not common harmony. But I like this paradox.


I used a glass jar and wood piece that I made before and wire.

img_4902 img_4905

I had to make the hole bigger to fit the glass jar. But I realized that it is much harder to make it new. Anyway I drilled with a forstner bit. (I know it is ugly…)  ! I also made a very simple crank to turn the magnet. I bought a wire zig and craft wires. I really hope to learn more about wire craft like wire automata or wire gears… I love it!

img_4906 img_4909

Then I covered with wood pieces, and I attached the brass metal parts each side of edges. I would like to use really nice small screws but it was too narrow, I had to use a glue.



img_4945 img_4946 img_4948

img_5003 img_5002img_5004

<Final Result>



A Last Leaf from Hayeon Hwang on Vimeo.

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