[ICM] Weaving Generator v03 with a smartphone

Update ~Oct 8

This week, I tried to control my p5 canvas using a smartphone. I just installed my server in Digital Ocean, and I did not have any idea about server side. I edited my previous web project  with Socket.io and combined my p5.js code. Locally it worked well, but I had struggled a lot to upload my files to my server. I had to do it step by step…

Anyway! I succeeded to upload my code to my server. I am soooo happy! it was my first project that I uploaded myself, even though I could not understand the whole process.

Screen Viewerhttp://www.hhayley.xyz/weavingCount.html

Mobile Controller :  http://www.hhayley.xyz/mobileView2.html

  • Chrome tested (iphone6+, nexus) Safari tested(iphone6+)
  • Not working LG G3 (Chrome, any browsers) –> hmmm why?


Weaving Generator V.03 with smart phone from Hayeon Hwang on Vimeo.

I finally made the 3rd pattern!! It was hard for me, even though it looked like simple.

%e1%84%89%e1%85%b3%e1%84%8f%e1%85%b3%e1%84%85%e1%85%b5%e1%86%ab%e1%84%89%e1%85%a3%e1%86%ba-2016-10-08-6-44-07-pm %e1%84%89%e1%85%b3%e1%84%8f%e1%85%b3%e1%84%85%e1%85%b5%e1%86%ab%e1%84%89%e1%85%a3%e1%86%ba-2016-10-08-6-44-13-pm

<3rd pattern! twill weave>




  • I tried to imitate the weaving action to draw each line, but I used shake.js that uses accelerometer sensor from mobile. I had to shake my phone quickly and strongly than I expected. So I hope to change the sensing part.
  • I connected two phones at the same time, the value conflicted. (last person that connected changed the value.)
  • Adding some animation!! by controlling the smartphone or the Arduino sensor data.
  • Considering color and speed.


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