[ICM] Weaving Generator v.02 with Eric

We wanted to develop our previous assignments that we did for last week. I would like to use my weaving pattern and Eric made variable controllers like sliders and buttons.

I wanted to create different weaving patterns but it did not work well.


I tried to use multiple loop functions, sometimes they made it really slow. Maybe I used too much ‘For’ functions.

%e1%84%89%e1%85%b3%e1%84%8f%e1%85%b3%e1%84%85%e1%85%b5%e1%86%ab%e1%84%89%e1%85%a3%e1%86%ba-2016-09-29-%e1%84%8b%e1%85%a9%e1%84%8c%e1%85%a5%e1%86%ab-7-21-57 %e1%84%89%e1%85%b3%e1%84%8f%e1%85%b3%e1%84%85%e1%85%b5%e1%86%ab%e1%84%89%e1%85%a3%e1%86%ba-2016-09-29-%e1%84%8b%e1%85%a9%e1%84%8c%e1%85%a5%e1%86%ab-7-27-22

(Still working now…)



Actually, we have quite clear roles to do. First, we discussed what variables and functions were going to use.  When we combined two codes, it was quite tricky at first. Thankfully, Eric made clear functions with return integer value.  But the most difficult thing for me is how to translate the controllers and the patterns canvas. I used it with puch()and pop() functions. But I could not change the mouseX,and mouseY value.


This time, we did not use any programs like Github so that we had to send tons of emails whenever we changed our codes.

Finally I translated the controllers, and added changing style keyTyped().

  • pattern 1  == ‘1’ (press ‘1’ key)
  • pattern 2 == ‘2’ (press ‘2’ key)
  • pattern 3 == ‘3’ (press ‘2’ key)  (But I could not finish creating pattern works… I definitedly develop these patterns.)


Variable results by changing options. I like it! 🙂

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