[Pcomp] Observation – Self Service Key Copy Machine

Pick a piece of interactive technology in public, used by multiple people. Write down your assumptions as to how it’s used, and describe the context in which it’s being used. 

Self Service Key Copy  | Minute Key 


This machine is a rectangular box and the dimension is about H70xW30xD30 inch.

People can find this machine because it located just next to the key copy service by store staffs. people agonize over whether to use this machine or have a key copy to the staff.

people are looking at the machine inside through the window and check the price. (Most of the people go to the staff to copy for their keys.)

Users take their keys out to copy and put them on the machine.

They stand in front of the machine and look at the monitor. The screen shows three options and the users touch the screen. The machine read the following instructions with animated illustrations(down arrow). At the bottom of the screen monitor, 3 x 3in sized circular metal plate moves to the right to open and there is a keyhole. In addition, a red light turns on to indicate. The users take their keys out and put them in the keyhole. The key is tightened by the component. The screen shows and reads the results.

if the machine does not approve the next process, the monitor shows the reasons. The user put it out and in again, and also touch the screen.

When the machine read successfully, users can choose several design options and payment ways. The user slides the card to the black box on the right side of the machine.

Through the window, people can see the inside. One of the components moves Y axis to bottom. And another part starts to spin. The user can hear the noise. The Y axis component moves up to cut the one surface of the key. Then the key is dropped to the bottom. People can pick it up at the bottom of the small door. The end.

Actually, I used this machine a half years ago in the Wallmart in Stockton, USA. It seemed to me very fascinating because i could see the inside of the machine and how it worked. But the end of the process, the key was stuck inside somewhere, I could not get the key.

And just a few days ago, I went to find this machine to copy my key. But I could not. One of my keys is not the model that they can make, and another key is out of stock.  So I had to go to the staff to make new keys. While I am doing this, I put my keys in over the 10 times.

Luckily, I can watch someone uses this machine. He could do it once. He was watching the cutting process all the time through the window.

But the most of the people go to the copy service by staffs because it is much faster and clear. The staff directly told them it is possible or not without complicated and repeated process.

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