[Pcomp] Week 02 : A Blowing light

< Simple application for switches and LED circuits >


(I was wrong, I needed only 50 ohm for this circuit. )

I made a flashlight that can turn on the light by blowing or breathing. Instead of the standard switch, I made it using very thin metal wrapping paper. Actually, I spent a quite a long time to find this material because I wanted to make a very sensitive switch.



The LED Circuit was simple, I just switched to use two pieces of conductive materials. I cut the thin metal paper into thin strips to be more sensitive. Whenever these strips touch the other metal that also connected the circuit, it turns on.

kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-21-02-50-07_18 kakaotalk_photo_2016-09-21-02-50-02_12

<Final result>

Frankly, I could not guarantee this project. I thought it could be easy, but it is not. However, I liked the final result! Even though it is not strong and stable yet, the flickering effect of light seems like an analog sensor to measure winds or breath.

It was very sensitive even I blew it very weak, it could turn on a little bit. When I blew strongly, small thin strips kept touching the other piece of metal to make a light brighter!

In conclusion, sometimes making switches or sensors are good ideas (and fun) and they could perform very well.


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