[Pcomp] Week 01 : What is interaction?

My definition of physical interaction is that the process to communicate and willingly influence each other with human’s capability and technology.

I think physical interaction starts from one of communication ways for people and environments around us. Why did we start to interact physically? Why we want to learn other languages, or why we want to read animals’ mind, because we want to communicate them and get feedback instantly from them. And it goes the next step for knowing each other over and over.

In this context, physical interactivity allows us to communicate between two factors cyclically, it could be people, machines, or any social phenomenon and so on. As digital technology has developed, we can interact with more and deeply to understand the environment around us. Thankfully, we can attempt many new and creative things that we could not do before.
They intentionally keep asking questions and happily want to be influenced by them. Like when we just started before going out with someone you like, we want to listen what they think, or what tastes they like. Then, we are willing to change ourselves who they wanna be. (Of course, there are some limitations!) That is different from unrequited love, one-way communication or participation.

For good physical interaction, we should consider both sides. Actually, it was the most intriguing part for me in the article that Crawford said interaction designer should consider thinking in the process of optimization. I always thought human’s view and experience. Moreover, I believe that two factors should have quick wits so that they can interact each other without any hesitation. And also nice and kind design and technology can contribute to having those quick wits, and it makes more attractive interaction

In addition, Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Chromosaturation would be an example of digital works that are not interactive, but shows the uncanny space scenery from full of colorful fluorescent lights. Even though it is not interactive installation, I am sure the audience in the exhibition room had the different experience from the optical illusion of different color of lights.(e.g When they rapidly changed the view from the green light wall to pink light wall, my eyes slowly adjusted to the other color.)


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